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Question: Does 1919 contain corn syrup? My child is allergic to corn syrup.

1919 Classic American Draft Root Beer contains NO corn syrup.

Approximately 98% of sodas are made with corn syrup, which is much easier to use and less expensive than sugar. Corn syrup was not developed until the 1970's and true to our name and the era 1919 represents, we continue to use sugar. Sugar is what gives 1919 the depth and consistency that is unique in the industry. It also makes 1919 taste so good!

Question: Why can't I get 1919 Classic American Draft Root Beer in Texas, or Florida, or Washington DC or California?

Logistically, we have not been able to expand any faster because of the turnaround required of thousands of kegs. Although we have had many requests from all over the country, we can only expand so fast.

Question: How do you decide where to expand?

We only expand because of demand or requests and then only when it is feasible.

Question: Is there any gluten in 1919 Classic American Draft Root Beer?

No. There is no gluten in 1919.

Question: Is there caffeine in 1919?


Question: How many glasses of root beer are in a keg?

A ½ barrel has about 200 12 ounce glasses and a ¼ barrel has about 100 glasses. This amount would have to be adjusted for different glass sizes or floats.

Question: How much ice cream do I need for floats if I purchase a ½ barrel of root beer?

4-5 Five quart pails of ice cream should be about right.

Question: We hear daily about the obesity epidemic in our country, people are ingesting too many calories and especially sodas. How would you reply to that?

We would agree. It is not unusual to hear people talk about drinking 6 to 12 cans of soda a day. We certainly do not advocate that!

1919 Classic American Draft Root Beer is a destination soda... you go to a restaurant that has 1919 on draft for a TREAT. As in 1919 - today, soda should be an occasional treat and, like any treat - make it special!